Number 30 in “50 UAE Startups to Watch” list by Forbes Middle East in 2016.

We specialize in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Holograms, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Projection mapping, Games and much more……..

We have innovative solutions for Industries, Property developers, Exhibitors, Educators, and many other fields.

We are the forerunners in many latest Techonology and have recieved so many awards in a short span of time.

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TASQAR: Designed and developed by Takeleap.

An app designed to make the most out of the expertise of a employee there by increasing the productivity and reducing the down time. With our application, an expert while not physically present in the location of a breakdown or emergency situation, can see the environment with the 3D depth information which enables us to provide them with the capability to interact and draw or highlight something while being on call with someone in the location. TASQAR also has the capability to send files and we also support several Head Mounted Devices with future IOS support.